Wholesale mayonnaise at a fantastic price!

#1 Wholesale mayonnaise at a fantastic price!

Wholesale mayonnaise at a fantastic price!

Wholesale mayonnaise at a fantastic price!

We produce our products daily for you.

Delicargo dressings produces handmade high quality mayonnaise and sauces for different uses and different categories of customers to fit everyone’s needs.

From horeca to retail packaging both the wholesale mayonnaise and the sauces are freshly made by our limited staff with great care and the most natural ingredients. 

Due to the limited number of products that we create and the smaller batches, we have the best possible control over the products that we make and send out to the market, whether it’s for retailers or restaurants, hotels and caterings.

We never stop learning, improving and developing.

We never stop evolving! We keep developing new ideas and recipes to fit as many needs of the market as possible. We change our recipes as many times as necessary in order to bring you the best possible products, but also in the best possible wholesale mayonnaise retail price. 

Our goal is to make as many incredible products as possible, meet the needs of even the most demanding palettes, and make you love food even more than you do now. Our products will perfectly accompany your best dishes and make them even better. That’s our primary goal. 

We produce wholesale mayonnaise for all needs and likings. 

Right now we produce NEA Classic Mayonnaise, for the more traditional customers, that want the richest flavor and best texture, NEA light mayonnaise for those who want to look after their silhouette but can’t resist the flavor and richness of our products, and NEA veganeza (egg- free) mayonnaise, because those on a special diet should not be deprived of the enjoyment of our products, and of course let’s not forget those who just love the taste. 

All of our products can serve as a base for sauces for the catering professionals , as a condiment or as an ingredient for recipes (check our recipes on the website).

Who do we target?

We produce mayonnaise for hotels and restaurants, wholesalers and mayonnaise distributors and mayonnaise suppliers.

We sell our mayonnaise at wholesale prices and we can also offer more affordable solutions, like our new mayonnaise dressing, perfect for mixing and matching, to smaller businesses that want our quality products for a more affordable price. 

Our Horeca mayonnaises will elevate your recipes with their nice sweet and sour taste and smooth texture that perfectly interacts any other ingredient.

Have you tried our dressings, dips & sauces?

We also produce exceptional dips and sauces in  various flavors such as NEA mustard sauce, NEA Roasted sauce, NEA cocktail sauce, NEA aioli sauce, and NEA fry sauce in order to meet and satisfy the needs of all palettes. 

Each of the sauces has its own unique traits like the pleasing aftertaste of mustard in the NEA mustard sauce, the perfect taste of roasted chicken in the NEA roasted sauce, the sweet and at the same time spicy flavor of the NEA cocktail sauce, the subtle and yet present taste of garlic in the NEA aioli sauce and the perfect combination of sweet and sour in the NEA fry sauce that will elevate all of your fried creations and make everyone wonder. 

What packages do we offer?

 Our mayonnaises and sauces are available in several different packing sizes, like packages of mayonnaise 10 kg, mayonnaise 5 kg, mayonnaise 3 kg and mayonnaise 2 kg for catering professionals, and jars of 370 ml for grocery stores and retail outlets. 

We also produce and sell our wholesale mayonnaise to restaurants, wholesalers, distributors, mayonnaise suppliers and hotels. All of our sauces are sold at affordable prices so that small businesses as large can have access to them and enjoy what we have to offer. 

Call us and try every product for yourselves.

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