Mayonnaise ingredients: Healthy or not?

Mayonnaise ingredients: Healthy or not?

Mayonnaise ingredients: Healthy or not?

Mayonnaise is considered “fat”and “unhealthy”  but did you know that mayonnaise actually contains healthy fats necessary for your body? 

Mayonnaise is more often than not considered unhealthy. That derives mostly from the fact that it is mainly made by oil, which means that it’s a very calorie dense product. That, in combination with its very light texture and refined taste, makes it easy to get carried away and not pay attention to the portion consumed. 

Large quantities of mayonnaise contain a lot of calories due to the high fat content of the mayonnaise. Fat is necessary for the body to function correctly though. Some of the most important vitamins are fat soluble, like A,D,E and K, which means that the body takes them mostly from fatty foods and also are stored in the body’s fatty tissue. 

Also, although traditional mayonnaise is made almost entirely by fat, it contains mostly unsaturated fats, that are considered to be the healthiest kind.

Unsaturated fats are part of all healthy diets because they have several benefits for the body. Some of them help reduce the chance of having high blood cholesterol, reduce inflammation, stabilize heart rate and many more. 

Mayonnaise ingredients can be considered “good” or “bad” for you depending on your diet.

Mayonnaise is a high fat product and very calorific, like we mentioned above, something that makes it perfect for someone on keto diet, that consumes mostly fat and less carbs, but not suitable at all for someone on dukan diet that consumes mostly proteins, or someone on a low calorie diet. 

No food is good or bad, it all depends on the portion and the diet someone is on. Let’s not forget that food does not only please the body, it pleases the soul too. 

In the last few years a whole new phycology branch has been created about diet phycology. 

Lately, more than ever, the effect of food in someone’s psychology has been examined and a big correlation has been discovered. That is part of why almost all diets nowadays include a cheating day in which the person following the diet can consume any food they want, so what better than a meal with our favourite mayonnaise for that special day. 

A very interesting fact is also the connection between some consumed foods and the production of several hormones like serotonin, which is the hormone of relaxation and tranquillity. 

Did you know that egg’s cholesterol has been fοund innocent despite the big fuzz around it?

Egg plays a big part in the alleged “unhealthfullness” of the mayonnaise, because it is considered a fatty food with high cholesterol content. 

After many researches about whether or not egg is healthy or how often it should be consumed, it was discovered that it is one of the healthiest foods produced by nature. 

Egg wolk is the part of the egg containing most of the fats, but the majority of them are unsaturated fats. Some of those unsaturated fats are Ω-3 fatty acids that are known for their health benefits, like reducing inflammation and preventing long term illnesses. 

As for the cholesterol, it may be accused for many health issues, but it is also vital for the correct function of the body. Cholesterol has two different types, LDL which is the “bad” type and HDL which is the “good” type. Egg contains the second type in quantities much bigger than the first one. 


  • Mayonnaise ingredients can be used as a cosmetic alternative and it can cure dry hair.
  • Mayonnaise is used by professional florists to make the plant’s leaves shine and look healthier.It can also remove tree sap.
  • The USA consumes more than $2 billion worth of mayonnaise per year.
  • The name of mayo was originally “Mahonnaise” but a printing mistake transformed it into “Mayonnaise” and became accidentally its new name.

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