Roasted Sauce

Roasted Sauce

A big love is born! The crunchy, juicy chicken that you have just baked, sees right in front of it this wonderful, smokey, yellowish roasted chicken sauce. It can not resist.. A feeling intense… A vivid attraction..It dives in it... They never split up!

doodle love icon 1034 778Roasted Sauce+chicken=L.F.E.

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Refrigerated in 4oC. After opening keep in fridge for two weeks.

3 month shelf life product.

Available in packings of 5 kg / 3 kg / 2 kg for catering professionals and jars of 212 and 370 ml (9 pcs / box) for grocery stores and retail outlets.

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Mayonnaise is the ultimate boost to flavor! It is made of quality ingredients and you have never tasted something like this before!

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Thank you God for this taste!!!

Are you vegeterian? Are you on special diet? This is the way to keep this ultimate flavor!

It gives your treats multiple dimensions! Successive fireworks begin to pop into your mouth by the tasty perfumes of the ingredients!

When it’s fish time, don’t forget this gastronomic delightment!

Special sauce for dipping in french fries and your burger!