About us

About us

Deli Cargo Dressings Flavors Lab

Deli Cargo Dressings Flavors Lab started as an experiment and it had great success! Our friends and family, tasted our products, they were very excited and wanted more! That’s why we have found a place to accommodate the enthusiasm and the inspiration of Deli Cargo Dressings. We made it with love! We painted it, we cleaned it, we made all the necessary changes to transform it into a crystal clear lab and we started the production! At the beginning with our household mixers. Then the know-how came to our  lives and upgraded us, corrected us and took us off. In a while the team acquired her super hero, Nicoleta! Who managed to connect our products with your kitchen!

The team:


Aspa Tamiolaki

Aspa is the blender!

(general management)



Nikoleta Simopoulou

Nikoleta is the super hero!