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Mayonnaise NEA - Deli Cargo Dressings

Deli Cargo Dressings is a flavors lab where we produce mayonnaise, various sauces based on mayonnaise and other dips that elevate your food! Every product is made with love!



NEA by Deli Cargo! The girl that you see in the photo is a girl full of life! Her name is NEA! She symbolizes the new beginnings, the power of change and the freshness of a new route!

This is the name that we decided to give to our products and we hope you will embrace them because they are full of freshness, youthfulness and will for life!

Mayonnaise NEA - Made with love - Deli Cargo Dressings


Try our mayonnaise in various versions: mayonnaise classic with 70% sunflower oil, mayonnaise light and our mayo dressing! These products are stored out of the refrigerator with a shelf life of 6 months.

cocktail sauce

Dips & Sauces

Accompany your food with great dips in various flavors: Mustard, Roasted, Cocktail, Aioli and Fry! These products are stored refrigerated with a shelf life of 3 months.

vegan mayonnaise - veganeza - mayonnaise without eggs - mayonnaise NEA

Go Vegan

Egg-free mayonnaise! For vegetarians! These products are stored refrigerated with a shelf life of 3 months.


The choice of the materials that we use was done with utmost care! We tried eggs and sunflower oil of different kinds to get the desired results! Our collaboration with a food technologist has contributed to a more professional and thoughtful result! All of our suppliers have the necessary quality assurance certificates and are subject to systematic checks! Finally, the Deli Cargo Dressings Laboratory is certified according to the CODEX-ALIMENTARIUS-HACCP standard.

Excellent Materials

Deli Cargo Dressings eggs - Mayonnaise NEA

aioli sauce


Υou can add Deli Cargo Dressings to your sandwich or salad, accompany your meat or fish ... Mayonnaise goes with everything ... With perfectly balanced flavors, soft textures, and rich mouthfeel, all of our products can give tension to all flavors ... It is what completes the perfect meal.

You cannot resist